Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Look at my cheesecake =)
John's birthday is coming soon. I want to make him a cake and I let him choose one. He said he want to eat cheesecake. Simple New York Cheesecake. Okie! Sounds simple but I know there is alot to do in making cheesecake.

After seeking help and advice from Shirley, I was all ready to make my first ever cheesecake. I want to TEST one before John's birthday so I have more confidence to make the second cheesecake at the actual day.

After hours and hours of hard work and patient waiting, the cheesecake is done!!! What can I say? I consider it was a succeed eventhough I think the cake texture should be more solid. I will definitely make another one very soon.

As long as John is happy with the cake, I am happy as well eventhough I burnt my right thumb! =) * Thanks again Shirley! *