Saturday, July 12, 2008

Yeong Tao Foo by Shirley
Below is the MSN conversation we had ... Shirley and I

Me: What are you doing there? Busy?
Shirley:I will make yeong tao foo soon. Are you coming tomorrow?
Me:Ya! I will come "kacau" (disturb) you!
Shirley:Then you can eat the yeong tao foo I make for lunch!
Me:Oh! That will be nice!

(hahahaha, I laughed devilishly inside my heart!!! I already KNEW I will be tasting those yummy yeong tao foo once she told me she is going to make some!)

So the next day, I reached Shirley's place around 11pm. We chit-chatted, hanged out at her comfy house and listened to some nice jazz musics. I just love the girly-hang-out time with her. Please bear with me. Imagine she is so far the ONLY Malaysian friend I have who I can hang out with, I love speaking my malaysia mandarin, cantonese mix malay + english with her. That is a very very great enjoyment.

Shirley started preparing our lunch after an hour or so. I was waiting patiently for my delicious lunch. Shirley made me Meehoon (Rice Vermicelli) soup with yeong tao foo. I had tao foo, eggplants, chili, meatballs with clear chicken broth and meehoon. That was such a satisfying meal. Suddenly, I feel that home is yet closer to me very much.

I thank God for His arrangement, for giving me such wonderful friend. I had this silly thought in my mind when I was having my lunch...... I am at another side of the earth, soo soooo sooooo far away from home and yet I meet a great Malaysian lady in this big big land Texas, USA. How could I not appreciate her? Then I felt that everything seemed unreal. hahaha... silly me!

Anyway... terima kasih (thank you) for the lunch! I love it! And I promise, I will always choose the right time to come look for you... example: when I know you are going to cook something or bake something! =)