Saturday, July 12, 2008

You Gotta Have the Look!
We all have certain looks when we are happy, pissed, upset or excited. Do you know what kind of look you give others when you are interested in them and wish they feel the same to you? I bet it is hard to answer. But for me, I remembered the emotionless face I had on my face when someone I like was around. Yes, I did not show much affection. But I did have eye contacts with them, which was calmed and steady type. That was my type of non-verbal kind of flirting. Boring huh?!

The reason why I mentioned about my past flirting experience is because of this interesting online game, 'The Ultimate Flirting Championship'. This online flirting game is all about the Extreme Style by VO5. Extreme Style is a new range of products from Vo5 which give you the Victory Hair.

To know more about the products and the ultimate flirting championship, you can click in the provided widget in this post and start playing. I bet you will have some fun! If you like it and wish to share with others, you are more than welcome to grab the widget and put it on their own social pages or blogs.

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