Thursday, July 10, 2008

10th July - BIG DAY
Okie... John been counting down since 3 weeks ago at least. What is he counting down for? Today, finally is the day, 10th July!!! Uncle LEE finally come back from his Singapore trip. Who is Uncle LEE? He is the owner of Lion City Cafe, a place that you can get delicous yummy malaysian singaporean food. It is just funny how much John loves asian food. I should say I am lucky that my ang moh hubby loves asian food so we can always share food together.
We just had our lunch at Unclee Lee's and we are so satisfied now. After waiting for a month of him and his wife's return, we are happy again because we can go get food from Lion City again. I forgot to bring my camera, I try to take some picture of the food we always eat next time ok?