Sunday, June 15, 2008

WWKIP day!
WWKIP - World Wide Knit in Public. Yup, 14th June is WWKIP day. I received an email from one of my LYSs regarding a public knitting parade helding at the Veterans Memorial park from 9am - 12am. I did not join the parade but I went to the park nearby my house and knitted there for a while. I guess I put enough effort for this WWKIP day.

Hubby is sweet and nice to accompany me to the park. We got an ice blended double chocolate chips and an ice honey chai tea latte from Starbucks before heading there. Also I grabbed a piece of chocolate cookie and a blueberry coffee cake. I love hanging out at the park especially around sunset time in the evening.

Go get yourself a Ice honey chai tea latte from Starbucks. It is soo sooo good!

We managed to find a nice place under a big tree which is next to the river. We just relaxed there, drank and ate while so many people were running, cyling or fishing there. haha~ I enjoyed the breeze, the ducks quacking and swimming in the river, of course I knitted happily for a while. Hubby even volunteered to snap a picture of me in knitting. He is a sweetie pie!

I should knit in the public more. I am planning to go to a nearby cafe or bakery with my knitting project, some nice megazines and also my ipod. I bet I can chill out there for hours all by myself and yet having great times. Join me, anyone? =)