Monday, June 09, 2008

Euro Cup!!!
Hey buddy, can you feel the heat? Euro Cup 2008 is on now!!! Ok, I heart soccer and I am trying to watch all the match I could. Now the question is, which team which country gets my support? I am supporting Netherlands, the ducth~ Why so and how so? Well, its simply because my two favourite players are in the team. Forward striker Ruud van Nisterooy and goal keeper Van der Sar. If you watch premier league, it is not hard to figure out why I like them. Ruud van Nisterooy was in Manchester United team before and Van der Sar is still playing for ManUtd. Needless to say much about them, they do play fantastic in the field.

Van der Sar n Ruud Van Nisterooy

Today, it is the first match of Netherlands and they are playing against Italy. Yup, world cup team there. Won't be a easy win but I am supporting the Dutch~ Go go go! Netherlands, Italy, France and Romania falls into same group, GRP C. Great games ahead for sure!

One more thing, you just gotta love soccer. Those players are HOT! haha~ Italians? my god... So good looking! The game will start in another 15 minutes and I want Netherlands to win! Are you with me? Cheer for the Dutch then!