Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Shine Sport Cherry
I have promised to make a lilac hempathy for one of my cousins and she has no special request in any color. The original piece in the magazine is in red and I like it quite much so I ordered knitpicks shine sport cherry. I ordered 10 skeins and casted on the project a week ago. To obtain a smaller gauge, I use a size smaller needle, which is 3.25mm.

The stitch is definitely denser than hempathy but the yarn itself is soft so overall the knit piece is nice. I believe it will be fine after blocking. At first, I don't really like the red color. The color tone seems more like tomato red but not cherry red. But after a while, I think this red is just alright. The provisional cast-on takes quite some times to do but I only do that when I am not in bad mood or else, that will be a difficult task for sure.

So, I have two projects in hands now to switch around. The shrug and this cherry blouse. I bet I have to name it something else since it is not lilac nor hempathy no more.