Saturday, June 14, 2008

You think you can flirt?!
Ok, don't get me wrong by looking at the title. It is just a fantastic online game that I want to tell you all. I bet you all know about VO5 this popular brand. They are now having this online game called Extreme Style by VO5 Ultimate Flirting Championship.

In the game, it is all about getting the victory hair. So what is victory hair? It is the chemistry between a guy and a girl. Imagine a pretty girl meets a good looking guy in a pub and they have a drink and little dance together. You know how girls love to play with their hair when they are with someone attractive. And that is the Victory Hair we talk about here, kind of messed up hairstyle.

I played the game a little while ago and it is interesting and funny. I create my own avatar with a head of sexy pink hair. You will be grouped with another two participants to start the game. When you play the judge role, you can choose certain question to ask and the others will have to answer. Then you choose the favourite answer from either one of them. Those questions are naughty, flirtatious. You will have fun.
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