Friday, June 13, 2008

EyeCandy Friday
I have been knitting and I have been driving also I have been watching Euro Cup soccer match. I am very happy so far because Netherlands is winning incredibly. Go go go my orangie Dutch! (They are wearing orange color jersey, white shorts with sky blue long socks, what a match!)
Last Friday, John and I were invited to Jimmy and Desiree house for dinner. Jimmy is John's long time colleague a.k.a old friend. Desiree is a sweet and nice lady who always takes me out for meal and shopping. They both have two very adorable young kids, Jimmy Jr. and Jordyn. At that Friday night, the kids were brought to the parents in law house so four of us adult had dinner, some wine and also some Wii games all by ourselves.

Desiree prepared us a very fantastic dinner. Garlic lemon baked chicken with goat cheese, asparagus with prosciutto and spaghetti. Very very delicious dinner. For the dessert, she made a coconut pineapple white cake. Really really delicious and tasty. I had the fork on it and couldn't stop eating before I remembered to take a picture of it. So no picture of the cake. Thanks for the dinner, dearie Van Zants.

I have my driving license for more than a month and I been driving alone all by myself until last wednesday. Guess who is the lucky one to be the first passenger in my car? Shirley! haha~ So, I went to her place picked her up, then she showed me the direction to Ikea. I bet I freaked her out few times with my driving skill but she is nice enough to point out my driving errors and told me the right way of doing it. Thanks very much girl. I drive more confidently now. =)

So, before we started our shopping at Ikea, we had our lunch at the cafe. We had the meatballs, marsala chicken and chicken strip with fries. We love food, don't we? With reasonable price, we had such delicious meal. Yummy yummy! I am hungry now and I think I can have some meatballs. Hopefully you are not hungry now while reading this post. Enjoy the pictures everybody! And... have a nice weekend!!! =)