Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Weekend Fun~

Guess what I bought from Sephora! I get a box of Sephora false eye lashes which come with a small eyelash glue. Also, I bought a baby size Benefit mascara Bad Gal Lash. The false eye lashes I got is individual type. I just have to apply a couple sparingly throughout my natural lashes and that will magnify my eyes.
I tried them on last weekend. It was quite challenging at the beginning. I would say you have to practise a while to get the best effect. Also, a better quality of false eye lashes glue is definitely needed. I applied 2 layers of mascara on my eye lashes as the final step. Lets see the effect! I wish I could have taken a better picture to show the eye lashes more. They appeared longer and sexier in real life! =)
I have ordered few pairs of natural type false eye lashes and they are on the way to me. I guess I will start looking at some dramatic length false eye lashes at MAC or Shu Uemura! I definitely want them for all the wedding dinners I have to attend at year end! yeah!
Oh ya! The Bad Gal Lash mascara works fine! I love it! Now you can buy a small size to try out for 9usd only from Sephora!