Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Shrug for Bride~
I have already knitted two shrugs after I completed my lilac hempathy. I cannot remember how many shrugs I have already knitted but so far I still enjoy making them to make myself some pocket money. Last week, I got an order of making this shrug. Kelley is going to get married at November and she needs a shrug to go with her dress in her wedding.

She sent me a picture of the dress and it is just amazingly pretty. We both agree to choose a brown or deep brown yarn for the shrug, which is a good color to match with the dress. I managed to find a real pretty color yarn to make the shrug from cascade 220. Its a tweed yarn with dark brown and grey. I already ordered the yarn today and really can't wait to get the yarn. I personally love the yarn color very much and needless to talk much about cascade 220, I bet everyone knows it is such a nice yarn to work with. Hopefully I can get the yarn next week and I can start this project. At this moment, I am still waiting for a another order confirmation to make 5 shrugs for bridesmaids in a wedding at Oct. I bet I wont have much time to knit something for myself if this order is confirmed!

Don't you think the yarn color just match with the dress fantastically?