Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The first time I know about Jitterbug, was from the nice commercial with cute music on the TV. I already very attracted by the commercial selling point which Jitterbug is really a good design cellphone for seniors. I remember how my mom used to complain about her cellphone screen is too small, button is too small and the text is not bright enough.
Lately, I have a serious thought of getting my mom a Jitterbug after that embarrassing incident happened. That was a afternoon when hubby and I were on our way to do some grocery shopping. My mom called to my cellphone and I had my cellphone turned into speaker mode. I guessed my mom had no idea the phone was already connected and she was yelling at my brother. That was soo embarassing as John had no idea at all what she was yelling about since she spoke cantonese. John thought she was fighting with someone. I immediately turned off the phone and called her back few minutes later. Then only she told me she did not hear any ring tone and she thought she was not calling me.
Jitterbug is a simpler cellphone, friendly and easy to use. They have friendly 24-hour Jitterbug operators who can make calls for their clients. Service starts at just 10 dollars a month. No long distance or roaming fees. Most importantly, no contract. Sounds like a fantastic deal right? Mom, you are getting a Jitterbug~

*paid post*