Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Online Phone Card
I call back home to Malaysia very often. Not only I talk to my parents, brother. I also call up good friends at weekend to catch up with them. It is definitely cheaper to call back Malaysia than they call to states. All this while, John been using a long distance call service with certain company with pay rate only 7 cents per minute calling to Malaysia. I think he has been on this contract for at least 7 years. It is really a good deal considered! But guess what, I found out a better deal today from Phone Cards avenue.

It is a site that you can purchase international phone card online easily. You can get your suitable calling card by selecting the country that you call the most. Phone Cards Avenue provides the best rate international phone card online. That means, you purchase the calling card online and the phone cards will be delivered online instantly to you. Right away you can make an international call as you wish. After becoming their customers, you can get 3% cash back on every present or future purchase. There are no limits to the amount of Cash Back you can acquire within the program period. You can earn cash back on every time you buy online. You will not get charged anything extra on your regular house phone as long as you use their posted toll free access numbers except for your mobile phone minutes, if you use a mobile phone.

So, you might wonder how much cheaper the rate is for me to call back Malaysia using Phone Cards Avenue calling cards? The answer is 4 cents per minute. You can not deny this is really a better rate right? I really should share this good deal with other friends who reside in the states so we all can start saving up money in making international calls.
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