Thursday, April 24, 2008

New York Trip - Part IV
Tuesday, one day before I flew back to Texas. That was the day I met up with Ashley. Before she arrived at my hotel, I had a nice breakfast with Diana them. Around 9.45am, finally I saw her sweet face after 6 yrs of separation. We hugged and cuddled for few minutes then we headed to Madison Square Garden.

Breakfast! yummy!

Ashely is a WNBA fans and she would like to go for a tour at the MSG. And I am more than willing to do that with her. With great excitement, we arrived at the stadium. But sadly we did not get to take the tour as the locker/changing room was not opened for public that day. That's why we decided not to take the tour. After leaving the stadium, we went to Macy's store. There was sales and flower show going on. Its just hard not to hop in to have a look!

New York NBA team... which I heard not very good. haha~

It was real crowded in the store and there were many nice flowers decoration as well. But, the flower did not attract me for long until I walked to the handbag department! haha~ oh... I saw something that I like and its on sales, 30% sales!!! Yes, my inner side devil was telling me to buy buy buy but at the same time there was a tiny angel in my brain said walk away walk away!!! I was confused and debating about this purchase SOoo I snapped a picture of the handbag and sent to hubby. Well, the deal was I paid 200usd and he will make up the rest. But guess what, I think the tiny angel voice beaten up the devils one. I grabbed Ashley hand and ran away from that place and never turn back. Soo... yup! I dint buy the bag! But... looking at the picture now, I might should have bought it? Naaa... never mind! There are always nice handbags come up!

thats the bag... I should have bought it!

We went in the Sephora which is just located opposite the Macy's store. I bought a lipstick there. After Sephora, its time for lunch! As what Ashley had planned, we were going to have a sushi buffet. Yummy!!! I am always a sushi fans! And... its a treat from sweet Ashley!!! We ate, we chatted, we laughed and we ate... haha~ Of course I took some pictures of the food I had.

I think we spent like one and half hour at the buffet. With very stuffed tummy we left the place and headed to Chinatown. Muji is one of my favourite stores and too bad there is no one in Malaysia or my place here. Ashley did a good job finding out the store location for me. I remembered I bought tons of nice stationary when I was visiting London at yr 2002. I really can't wait to visit to this store again.

We did spend some times navigating on the map to find out the street. haha~ We had fun though. Finally, we came to this store and I crazily picked up the stationary I heart. I love pretty stationary. One of my lifetime wishes is I could visit to Japan one day and buy buy buy all the cute and lovely stationary there!

Before we left the buffet restaurant, I spent few minutes there to write up those postcards I got days ago. I had to sent them off before I leave New york. The plan was, Ashley will send off the postcards for me but guess what, we bumped into this HUGE building. haha~ And it is a big post office in china town. So, we walked in and sent off all the postcards!

After that, we hopped in the subway and went to World Trade Center. As we know, they will build a whole new building there but so far that place is still a big empty hole. Eventhough 911 happened many years ago, still I clearly remembered what I was doing when this tragedy happened.

Well, what else that you can't miss when you are in New york? There are someone you MUST see. Yeah~ That is Statue of Liberty. It was a very cold and windy afternoon. We did not want to take a ferry to get to the Liberty Island. We just sat the garden, watching the Statue from far away. Its was sooo windy and cold!!! About 20 minutes, we went in the nearby Starbucks and had a hot chocolate. Hmmm~ very nice!!!

Happy time always passes by faster~ It already came to sunset after we had the drink. We headed back to times square to have our dinner there. We had our dinner at a very interesting diner. It is Stardust Diner. All the waiters and waitress there can sing! They do live performance. I could say they all sing better than most American idol~ Food is alright but the atmosphere was great. We had so much fun watching and listening them! Very very entertaining!

Cold weather!

Meat Loaf

We walked around at Time square for some times and we left back to my hotel around 9pm. Its sad to say goodbye to Ashley but we did have great time that day. I really can't wait to come back to New York again and have some fun with this girl. Times flies, I bet next spring break will come faster than I know and thats the time I would go New York again!

Ashley and I

We flew back to Dallas in the afternoon and we visited to St.Patrick in the morning. I managed to snap some pictures and bought a rosary for John. Nice pretty church!!! I like New York. Really a cool city to visit but I think wont be a easy city to live in though.Before I end this post, I would like to talk about a piece of cheesecake that I bought from Roxy Delicatessen. The most expensive cheesecake I ever bought BUT tastes fantastic. Really really delicious!!! Yummy Marble cheesecake.

Flying home...