Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A new friend...
I came to the state at the end of 2006. With no friend here at all. But guess what, after months and months, I finally know a Malaysian friend in Plano here. We have a common friend in facebook and we know each other through his introduction. Shirley is her name. She is from Johor but been living oversea for years. She is not only a sweet petite but capable lady and she is very helpful and friendly. Oh, she is a terrific cook too! She can cook and bake very good!

She stays like 30 mins away from me and how much I wish I have my driving license so I could pay her a visit. So far we went out once. We went to the outlet mall weeks ago. Yeah! I had such a blast! We are suppose to go out tomorrow. She will take me for a hair cut, have a lunch in a Thai restaurant and do some shopping! Yippee! Exciting here!

In the fitting room trying out a blouse at outlet Banana~ I love GREEN! and you should know by now.
So, she taught me how to bake some nice chicken drumstick yesterday and they really turned out fantastic. Wow~ I love that drumstick very much too! Thanks Shirley! =) Gotta get her to teach me cook more good meal! waa haa haaa!!!

Baked drumstick with lettuce and rice. A simple yet satisfying dinner ever!