Friday, July 31, 2009

Too Hot to Handle!
You might think summer is going away but Texas weather is very unpredictable. It can be 72F nice today and tomorrow it will rise up to 108F. You don't want to drive in a car withour an air conditioning under this extreme unbearable hot weather. Just imagine you have a nice make up, hair-do and so ready to rock your day shopping with your friends in the mall but everything is ruined and melted when you drive in a car without a AC.
You car's air conditioning is not working? And you think you can get by another summer with it? No, you should fix it now! Air Conditioning Compressor is your place for all of your AC needs. Whether you are looking for Auto Air conditioning, Air conditioning Compressors, Air conditioning Condensers, Air conditioning Evaporators, Driers or Expansion Devices, they have a great selection of New and remanufactured products available and ready to ship. All of their parts come with free shipping.
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