Thursday, November 20, 2008

I went to an interview this afternoon. I would like to talk about this interview experience in the coming post because at this moment, there are something else SWEETER occupying my mind. It is about * HANDBAG n WALLET * !!!

I know, it is not wise to buy unnecessary stuff at such bad economy time. Let listen to my plan A here. IF I was taken for the job which I went for interview this afternoon, I will start saving up money monthly. And then, after months, I will be able to buy something for myself. Of course, If they don't want me... (sad...) then I will have to make the plan B. What is it? I have no idea yet.

Ok, let's see what in my wish list k? 3 handbags and a wallet. I will pick one of the handbag and honestly for the wallet, I love it so much. I want one with red leather. Exactly what you see in the picture.

Neverful MM came out in Monogram Canvas first last year and now, LV has it in Damier Canvas. I still like it in Monogram Canvas better. Maybe I will change my mind few months later? We will see! Another handbag which is in my list is Pamerlo MM. =)