Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sad Yesterday...
John left to Arizona yesterday afternoon and I actually dropped him off at the airport and drove home all by myself on the freaking big busy highway. GPS Magellen did not help much as it confused me trying to get me on to another route WHICH was differently told by John. I switched off the GPS the half way.

I was so happy and proud of myself. I did it! I drove all the way home from the Airport. Wow~ I will be picking John up from the airport this Friday morning. Now I know the way to go to Airport and come back home from there. Anyone who likes to pay me a visit from Malaysia? I so can get you from the airport! =)

Ok, the sad part came in the afternoon. Finally, I got an email reply from the Pharmacy board of Texas. To make the story short, the sad story. The few years effort that I studied in MPharm in the past, means totally nothing to this America land. Eventhough I been saying not to pursue my pharmacist dream here for sometimes, due to the bad economy and job security, I have really thought about it. Should I go back to school, complete the required credits, go through 3 board exams, 2 years interns to get to the destination point?! Whenever I think of the procedure, it reminds me the days I cried and lived in fear while I studied my last year degree in Scotland.

Anyway, the Texas pharmacy board replied with few simple sentences, telling me that I am not qualified to do any credit transfer or whatever. My only solution is to enroll to the PharmD course as a new fresh student, with TOEFL and others requirements.

Thats it I told myself. No way I am going to do all that again. So, 4 yrs in school, 2 years intern... and these 6 years involves hundreds of exams, papers, assignments, presentations?! The question now is not whether I could make it or what. I just think that is totally not the priority of my life.

It was upsetting and heartbreaking, cause I am just a no body here. But I am always a optimistic person. I won't let this pull me down for long. I believe if this is the place God want me to be, there will be other doors open up for me.

This is really what my heart and mind been telling me. I don't want to go back to school. I don't want! It might upset and frustrate the people around me who think I should not give up on my professional but come on... I am a married woman who want to have a family life with my hubby and maybe kids soon. I just dont want to do it, and I can't go through all that again. Screw the pharmacy! hahaha~ sorry for the bad word. But, I just have to let it out! Gggggrrrrrr