Monday, November 17, 2008

You Gotta Love Kmart~
From my experience, we should do Christmas shopping the earliest the possible. If you could start doing that before Thanksgiving, that is even better. After getting all the wish lists from my family members, I am all set to start doing my shopping.

Kmart is the place that I will go to get some good bargains every year. With their new Layout Counter Program, I am sure it attracts more customers to go. Here's how Kmart Layaway for Holidays works; Firstly, select whatever you like to purchase from Kmart, then bring them to the Layaway counter and make a down payment. After that, your payments should be made every two weeks at your Kmart store. And once your payments have been completed, the items you chose are good to be taken home with you.

This is such a brilliant shopping plan for those who wish to make small payment in every 2 weeks. We don't have to worry about paying a big lump sum of money and max up our credit card. Paycheck mostly comes every 2 weeks and there you have the money to make the payment in Kmart. Other benefit points of this Layaway counter program are, you can avoid the big crowd at very last minute shopping and also the items out of stock issues.

What are you waiting for? Get your family working on their wish lists and start your Christmas shopping now!!! You should know by now Kmart is the place you should visit!


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