Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lazy Dinner Meal
Actually, there was no plan for today at all. I woke up at 9am, knitting and surfing in my living room. But Shirley came online around 10 something in MSN and she has her day off today. After we talked for awhile online, we decided to meet up. I changed and went over her place around noon. Our initial plan was going to Korean market, but plan A changed right away after she showed me what she got from Burberry outlet last week.

Big Clap for me as I conquered another city of Texas, which is Allen. I made it sounds like somewhere very far or hard to reach but it is actually only 15 minutes away from Shirley's place. We hopped in Burberry and I left he shop happily with some good stuffs. Of course Shirley din't leave the shop empty handed! haha~ We DECIDED not to spend any so we did not go to any other stores but headed to Market Street and had coffee at Peet's Coffee.

We had fun chatting there, exchanging our stories, bla bla bla... and time just flew away like that. Before we leave, I have to get something for the dinner. You know, you should make your hubby a better meal than usual after you spend unnecessary shopping (for his opinion of course)! I bought a pack of marinated bacon wrapped chicken breast. I think that will be something easy, delicious to make. I reached home around 5.20pm and we finished our dinner by 6.20pm. Something fast to make and I cooked some jasmine rice to go with the chicken.

Ah... I like quick, easy and tasty meal, just like this one. I love my life! haha~ Well, sometimes when I think of my life, I am really glad of what I have now. With the great blessing from God, I have a lovely family, all loving family members, many good good friends, extra POUNDS of lipid on my body to keep me warm in winter, balls of yarn for me to knit, a cute naughty Pepe (my dog), and black Rudolph (my car) to drive around. I might want a job badly but I know things take time and I won't stress myself over it at this moment. I thank God for what he provides.

I remembered the rough patch I had when I just came to the States. I cried over homesick everytime when I was in my shower for at least a month. I did not call home and tell anybody about it. I was afraid and refused to start my life in this new strange land. I couldn't see my future or anything, the only thing I could hold on was John. But now, I can feel my love to this land, I know and I accept the fact I should live my life and appreciate, grab the chances this country could offer. You know, love conquers all?! Haha~

Thanks God for your arrangement, and I would be fear and afraid no more on my path as I am not walking alone. Afterall, I am always the happy bimbo Kitman! Yeah!!!