Wednesday, July 16, 2008

BB Cream! Love it!
B.B Cream is such a big hit skincare/make up product in Asia now. B.B stands for Blemish Balm. This cream is like in a foundation form or tinted moisturizer because it does not only come with the coverage effect, it also contains many other functions such as anti-aging, skin regenerating, oil control, sunscreen and pore minimizing.

I want to try one badly because I always interested in product that can minimize facial pores. After reading many reviews of B.B Creams which already launched in the market, I know I MUST try one.

Missha M B.B Cream Shiny is my choice. I want something which can give my face a sheer and glowing effect. Overall, I LOVE this product. I use it like a foundation after my routin skincare products. It is easily applied on the face and it spreads smoothly evenly on the skin. This cream contains pearl powder, which privdes radiance to my skin, also with SPF27. But there are two things about it that I am not very liking. First, the smell of it. It smells like SOAP, very alkaline. The scent is too strong for me. Second, is the color shade. I wish it comes in a lighter shade. Actually, the color is alright but I used to use something lighter like beige ivory.

I only used it for not even 2 weeks so I can't say my skin has improved due to this product. But I do know the difference before and after applying it. I took some pictures and share with you all. Well, nice things meant to be shared among right? From the picture, you can tell I have GIGANTIC pores problem, also with some redness spots around my face. After applying my B.B Cream, it gives me a better even tone skin, better complexion definitely. Those redness spots are nicely covered up. Also, it covers up my pores pretty well. I only apply real thin layer daily in the morning and I feel comfortable with it. It is not heavy masking and my skin still able to breath happily. =) I will keep using it and at the same time finding out more about other B.B creams out there.

You can get a better view clicking in for a larger picture. It looks like not much difference from what the picture shows above.