Monday, June 02, 2008

Apple Strudel
I visited to Shirley house last week. She welcomed me with delicious food. For lunch, she made me cheese baked fried rice. Well, it is always one of my favourite dishes and she did a great job!!! I almost finish the whole thing! And for dessert, she made Perth Apple Strudel. I tell you, this lady can really cook and bake.

I was there with her witnessing the whole process of making the Apple Strudel and honestly, it is not very complicated dessert to make. So, I decided to make some for John at the weekend because he really loves dessert. But ended up, it is difficult than I thought and luckily Shirley was in MSN to help me whenever I popped out questions regarding the recipe. I made few mistakes and the outcome of the apple strudel was disappointing. The whipped cream was not firm enough I would say and it kinda melted quickly when I put everything together in the puff pastry. The taste was ok. I was not happy with the whipped cream.

Hmmm, I know, practices make perfect. Seems like I really have to try for few more times.

This is the apple strudel that Shirley made. Very delicious. Everything tastes fine.

This is what I made. You can see the custard and whipped cream is falling apart! Yaks!