Monday, April 28, 2008

Curry with Whole Wheat Angel Hair

I want to cut down my rice consumption and I been doing good for the past 4 days. John and I decide to replace most of our food to healthier choice. Like we will be eating whole wheat bread and whole wheat pasta instead of the regular ones.

John been crazy about curry lately and I bought few different pack of curry pastes from my nearby Asian supermarket. Tonight, we had curry chicken with tomato and onion in it. Instead of eating it with rice, we had our very first time whole wheat angel hair. The color of whole wheat angel hair is darker than the regular one but it just taste as delicious as them. But, whole wheat type is expensive than the regular type though.

We always have our dinner very early in the evening like 4.30pm. I try my best not to eat anything after that till I go to bed. Around 8 or 9pm, we will jog and run around the blocks for at least 30mins if we didn't go to the gym. Really wish to keep this up consistently and I am sure pretty fast an obvious result will show.

I been playing at the Photoshop for few hours in the afternoon. Practising the layer blending and other skills. Just wish to obtain nicer and enhanced photo effects. There are just too many things to learn. By the way, I am knitting a black shrug now which is an order from UK. At the same time, been looking at yarn as well. I need to get another cotton yarn to make another lilac hempathy. Of course that will be named differently if other type and color yarn is used! I promise to make one for my dear cousin in Malaysia. She is smaller size than me that means I need to get the appropriate yarn and needle size to get the desired gauge. I have enough time to do that since I am only leaving back to Malaysia at Aug end.

I saw a very nice and cute accessories from Knitpicks and most probably I am going to get it. It is a knitting charm bracelets which doesnt cost you a fortune. Its really cute! =)