Friday, November 20, 2009

YAY!!! Cheaper price for Japanese Magazine

I just found out another better site that is based at the States which sell Japanese knitting books or Magazine online. It totally makes my day!

I used to purchase Japanese knitting magazine from Well, they do carry a huge collection of books but with the shipping and handling fees, normally it costs more than 25usd for a book.
I am a big fans of Couture Knit and I only have the copy of Let's knit series 12. I saw the 13, 14 are actually released. I believe the 14th one is the latest book so the price is like 8usd more expensive than the 13th.

After contemplating for about 10 minutes, I decided not to get the 14th this time. Oh ya, I forgot to tell you all about the NEW SITE I talked about, it is! The good news is, shipping is FREE for all the book or magazine! GOOD NEWS no ??? of course, this site carries some wonderful Japanese yarn too. Please feel free to visit to this site and I believe you definitely would see something you like!

So, I only spend 17usd (actually it is John's paypal account! hehe) for a wonderful knitting magazine with free shipping! YAY! I am happy like a bird!