Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tulip Grace Hat
I made this hat about two months back for the Urban bazaar street craft fair. I used Berroco Ultra Alpaca for the hat and I love this yarn very very much. They are very nice to knit with. But it is just too sad to know that my local yarn shop is not carrying them at the moment. I really wish they will order this again in the future. Of course, I would like to try Ultra Alpaca light as well.

I have actually decided to write this pattern out a month ago but I wanted to try knitting this hat with lighter weight of yarn. So I picked out a 2-ply yarn from Woolie Ewe and made the same hat. Well, of course the lighter yarn shows more details of the lace stitches but worsted weight Ultra alpaca is very cozy and stretchy.

That is the reason why I include two type of yarn use in this pattern. Basically, they are knitted the same way, using the same needle but I attach as well the pictures of the two hats I knitted with two different yarns.

I released this knitting pattern at Ravelry and also at my ETSY store. Hopefully there are some knitters will love this hat as much as I do! =)