Thursday, November 12, 2009

Milwaukee Trip 2009
We had a weekend trip to Milwaukee from 6th Nov - 9th Nov to attend a wedding. There were 5 of us in this trip, my parents in law, brother in law, John and I. It was a pretty early flight on the Friday. We arrived at Parents in laws about 6am in the morning and we all headed to the airport in one car.
We took a American Eagle to Milwaukee and the trip took about 2 and half hour to get there. Well, the plane is SMALL! That is the smallest plane ever I have taken. More likely it should be called an American Pigeon! The hotel that we stayed is just next to the airport which is very convinient. Also, the wedding banquet was held in the same hotel so we can enjoy ourselves to the max, drink as much as we wish and not worry about any driving.
It was a short and yet wonderful trip. We got to see a lot of relatives and the wedding is overwhelming. I love the mass service in the church. The priest did such a good job and I was touched with many things that he said.
You can't go Milwaukee without visiting to LEON's. So I did have my tripe scoope butter pecan frozen yogurt at LEon's. YUMMY!!! Well, I am definitely looking forward to go back to Milwaukee again next year!