Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More yarn!!!! MORE!!!
I have to say that I am a very lucky lady! I know this and I appreciate what I have all the time. I am blessed with a hubby that supports my hobby and spoil me with yarns all the time. He knows the fact most knitters are yarn snob that they stock yarn, buy yarn, sniff yarn, photograph yarn. I am one of those knitters and I have to say I am happy to be a knitter!

Someone rang my door bell around noon time today and I had a big smile right then because I know my yarn order is here!!! YAY!!! I have ordered some yarn from WEBS last week and I can't wait to see those good price closeout items.

I opened up the box and I saw two skeins of tweed yarn that are in Brown, orange and green color. Wait a minute, why can't I remember that I have actually ordered these? Very fast that I went through my order list and I was stoned for a minute. Ok, there was no error or problem in the order BUT, did I really order these yarn in THAT color? DID I ???

I don't like that color and I want to RETURN and EXCHANGE but sadly, I found out that closeout and sales items are not returnable nor exchangeable! AAAAAhhhhh!!! Nothing I can do I guess. I just have to think of a scarf or shawl pattern to knit them with! So, the question comes up again... Did I really ORDER that color??? I have memory loss must be!

Anyway, I like other yarns that I got from WEBS. Cascade definitely produce quality and gorgeous yarn. Besides shopping at WEBS, I went to Woolie Ewe twice this week and bought few balls of colorful fiesta yarn! All that are for scarf or shawl knitting. But guess what, I really love the Cascade Pastaza. They are discontinued item and they are only 4.79usd per skein! I am thinking to get 10 skeins so I can knit myself a hoodie or sweater!