Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Good Customer Service from Knitpicks

I have been using the Knitpicks Option changeable circular needles for a while and I actually love them very much but two weeks ago, the purple cables finally fell off from the connectors while I was knitting the ruffle scarf. Well, not only 1 cable has the problem but 3 out of 4 cables they have in the set.

I know this is a common problem with this Option needles so I emailed Knitpicks customers tried to find out if I can return and get a new pairs of cables. It did not take them long to reply me at all and they already shipped 2 new pair of cables in different length to me. Another thing is, I don't even have to return the defective cables.

Their prompt response really impress me and I surely wish there won't have any problem with the needles anymore.