Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I am still in the mood...
To prepare for the Urban Bazaar Street 9 event, I have started knitting scarf since June. I can't remember how many balls of yarn I have bought and am STILL buying, but I really really enjoy knitting scarf.

I sold some scarves last year in Etsy during the Christmas season therefore, I am hoping more scarves can be sold this year. Eventhough the craft fair is over, I am still knitting scarves religiously. I actually want to knit one for myself for the trip to Milwaukee at the beginning of November. I just realize, I haven't knitted anything for myself quite sometimes. A scarf will be something I really need in this coming trip!

I don't think I show all the scarves I have knitted in my blog so I will upload some in this post! I have so many yummy gorgeous yarn laying around on the carpet, I am still waiting for some to be delivered. Til then, I will take picture of those yarn and share with you all!