Thursday, November 26, 2009

He Already Opened up his present! =)
The anniversary gift arrived real fast, like 2 days after I ordered it online from Amazon. John was the one who picked it up from the door side. He knew that was for him but he still had no idea what that was! I WANTED him to open it up right away but he refused. He said he can wait until 1st of December.

I guess the parcel layed around in the living room for 5 hours then I FORCED him to open up the present again. Hahahaha! I know! I just can't WAIT! So my poor baby can't refuse my request and he opened up the gift...

He got a BIG smile when he saw that. So, what did I get him??? I got him a Logitech One Harmony Universal Remote control. A totally awesome toy that most guys will love to death. He said he never have guessed I bought that for him. I can tell he truely loves his new toys and I am satisfied with this earlier surprise!!!

Ok! He spent like an hour tuning and playing with the new remote, and now we can control most of the electornic devices with THAT ONE remote. Good news and bad news too, that means, I have to LEARN all over again HOW to handle this new remote. Wish me luck!