Thursday, January 08, 2009

New Yarn Stash from Woolie Ewe
Surprisingly, I did not get any email from Woolie Ewe (my LYS) regarding their annual sale event. Thanks for the ravelry forum only I found out about it. The sales was on the Saturday after Christmas, which is 27th. I was very excited about it eventhough the discount was not as good as previous year. They only offer 35% discount for everything in the shop from 6am - 10am.

I managed to wake up at 5.30am and arrived there by 5.40am. (The yarn shop is very nearby my house) Very obvious that the line was not as crazy as last year. From what I read at the forum, many knitters think it is not worth to line up so early in the morning in such cold winter weather for only 35% discount. Well, I still think that is good deal eventhough I have no idea at all what yarn I want to get.

This time, I din't have to worry about John waiting for me too long in the car because I can drive like a maniac now. So I really took my sweet time wandering, looking at all the yummy yarn in the shop and be so careful on watching the budget I could spend on the yarn. We all were given a big white trash bag and within 40 minutes, I already have half bag filled up. I told myself that was about it and I have to leave.

There are 2 projects in my mind when I shopped there so I looked for specific yarn for that. My mom wants me to knit her a top from a Japanese knitting magazine and it is long sleeves lacy pattern top. She suggested to use brown or gold color yarn for the top and of course I will only use cotton yarn to knit a top for her so she can wear it comfortably in Malaysia. I got 12 balls of GGH Scarlett. They are yummy, nice sheen on it. I think that will definitely make a nice top. Another project that I want to do badly is the Vivian by Ysolda Teague. I bought 8 skeins of Berocco Ultra Alpaca in Orange color. The yarn is soo soft... I really can't wait to cast on for this project.

I also got some socks yarn. I know, I really should not have done that but those socks bugs are still in me. I bought 3 skeins of socks yarn. Also, I got a ball of Jaggers Zephyrs for shawl knitting. * wink * I always want to knit shawl using Jaggers and this time I pick a greyish blue color yarn. I have no any particular pattern in my mind yet but I will keep looking up for one now. Any ideas ladies?

That were what I got myself and I was in the line so ready to check out but one of the workers there came out with boxes and boxes of yarn and he said they are all 75%. Those boxes are about the size of shoes box. Few ladies and I move quick enough to start opening up the box and see what good stuff they have. Well, I added one more box of cotton yarn in my basket. 10 balls of cotton yarn for only 15usd. Nothing can beat that ok? I think the color is interesting and I should not have any problem to make something nice out of it. The yarn is in orange, pumpkin, brown n yellow. Very summerie color~ =)

Oh ya, my sista in law Diana bought me 6 balls of Nashua Vignette for Christmas. She did a good job in picking up the nice color. Green, purple, magenta??? Come on, you know thats my favourite color right? hahahahhahaha.......

Also, I bought like 20 balls of Patons Class wools from Michaels and Joann. They were like 40% off that time. I just wanted to stock them up in case I need some wool yarn to make something.

The Monday after the Annual sale, I went to visit Shirley in her place and we spent like 2 hours together. Anyway, after the pleasant gathering, I was supposed to go home and cook dinner but... my hands and my brain were not coordinating right. Rudolph (my car) and I ended up at Woolie Ewe (AGAIN) before I got home. I walked in and the workers there were as friendly as always, waiving and greeting me. My legs moved me to the Rowan section and I found out all the Rowan were still on 50% discount.

Well, not too hard to guess my dearie friends, I did leave the place with another 8 balls of Rowan 4 ply cotton in baby Pink. I tried to sneak in the house hiding the yarn in my handbag, but I bet John now has a very good nose, he can sniff the smell of yarn. hahaha~ What can he say? He can play all the games he wants while his lovely wife me has her own way to indulge herself in the yummy yarnie world~