Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Triangular Shawl
The first time I made a triangular shawl was few years back at Malaysia. It was a good knit and I always wanted to knit another one since then. Time flies and the second triangular shawl that I made was just few months back, which is the pretty design of my knitting buddy, LilyGo. Bella shawl is nice to knit and it just inspired me to design my own shawl.

The first one is always difficult but I would say, the outcome worths all the hardwork. After making Be.Leaf shawl, I came up with another shawl, which is the Taj-mahal. Making shawl is just fun and they make good accessories or gifts. I have bought so many sock yarn all these years and I am still going to buy more. Turning those beautiful yarn to shawl or scarf is just amazingly satisfying!!!

The third shawl design of mine is on the way and it is test knitted by some fantastic knitters at Ravelry. I guess I will release the pattern within a week of time. It is really exciting!

Be.Leaf Shawl