Monday, February 01, 2010

Classic Cable Tube Top using Cotton Tencel

Penny is my best friend and her sister, PeiSe was my lecturer in college. Time flies and I already graduated from the college for almost 7 years. PeiSe does not knit very regularly but she loves visitting to my FO album in FB all the time.

About 3 months ago, she told me that she would like me to knit her the Classic Cable Tube top. Since she is living in Malaysia, it is no way I can use wool yarn. Therefore, I bought some cascade cotton tencel yarn in medium grey during the year end sales at Woolie Ewe.

I started the project few days ago and everything is going along well. It took a while to memorize the lace pattern but after 2 repetation, the pattern is well memorized! I don't think I can complete this top before I fly but I will try to take it with me on board so I have something to knit during that 34256579764 hours flight! I know, I am ridiculously axaggerated but believe me, that is totally a long flight! I try not to think about it now!