Monday, September 20, 2010

Can You Cook ?

Master Chef is a new show that showed on FOX since 2 months ago. I love this show very much and I am soo happy with the result! I want Whitney to win! She might be the youngest competitors around but she totally deserve to be the first ever America Master chef.

I love to cook (but not to clean dishes) and I try to cook as often as possible. With the packed schedule nowadays, (I am helping out my friend in her restaurant for few months already) it is not easy to have time to cook dinner as frequent anymore.

Do you cook or can you cook? I know some women just don't find any chemistry between them and the kitchen. Neither cooking nor baking. I won't say I am a very good cook, but I know for sure my hubby is always my big fans! I guess that can be the good reason to keep me cooking more for him! =D