Saturday, November 01, 2008

Nice Picture taken

That was a long drive from AZ Phoenix back to Plano. We actually planned to stop somewhere at El Paso for a night and continue the road trip the next day but I bet we just wanted to be home badly. Therefore, we din't stop any El Paso and we just drove straight home.

The sun rose up prettily when we were somewhere at Midland. The sky was so pretty. It was blue, grey, yellow and orange. I tried to snap some pictures of the sky. Ah, the picture come out not bad. I would like to share with everyone here.

I don't think I can handle any long road trip within the next 3 month AT LEAST. But you know what, my parent in laws are planning for the road trip to Las Vegas next year. We will be stopping at Rosewell, Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam then Las Vegas. Hopefully my parents will be visiting to the states by then so I can show them the pretty places of US. Grand Canyon is wonderful. I want to go back there again.

Eventhough the road trip to Las Vegas is not confirmed yet, I am now confirmed with my trip to New York next year though. I will be flying to NY at March with Diana, Michelle and Steve. Woo Hoo~ Can't wait to go to this city again. I want to be at the central park again!!! Ashley, we will be drinking coffee watching the liberal statue AGAIN. Like this idea don't you?!

Actually, I should make a trip to Austin in next 2 weeks to meet up a Malaysia friend. She is in Austin working for 2 months and will be flying back to Malaysia before thanksgiving. John is checking his work schedule to make sure that we can leave at the weekends. What can we do in Austin but shopping in the outlet?! haha~