Friday, October 31, 2008

Custome Made Suit
I always think getting a nice men's suit is a very difficult task. I have some experience shopping for suits with my brother and also some other friends before. It seems impossible to buy a suit that perfectly fits on you unless you are like a 6 feet muscular model-like guy.
To spend at least 400usd to buy a not-so-fit suit is totally a night mare and waste. So, why not go for a taylor made suit and wear a suit that really fits you and suits you. But I hear many bad experiences in taylor making suits before and now the question is, did you go for a reliable good review tailor company?
Lately I have done some research about tailor made suit online and I come across which I personally like what I see so far. I really don't like the suit the John has now and I wish he could have one who really fits him great.
The price range of the custom suit at MysuitNY are from 495 to 2000 dollars. A Made-To-Measure suit is all about fit and fluidity of motion. It moves with you, enhancing your stance, your posture and even your gait. Additionally, because it is comfortable and conforms naturally to your shape, a Made-To-Measure suit offers its wearer a relaxed and confident appearance. You wear the suit, it never wears you. You can visit to one of their locations nearby and have your measurement taken. There is no charge for this service and it will take only about 15 minutes.
The process can be broken down to 3 simple steps. Measureing, styling and fabric selection. There will be a consultant help you to go through all thes steps by asking you questions and giving you useful suggestions. In the measuing session, there are up to 30 measurements will be taken. When you consider that the purchase of an off the rack suit is usually limited to 3 measurements suit size, waist size and inseam then it is easy to see why we can easily get a better fitting, better looking suit at
I am really impressed with the variety of stylings that you can choose from. I personally like the 2 buttons jacket and flat front pant. I guess that definitely looks great on John. Come to think about it, I really think it is a good idea to buy a custom made suit. In just 2 weeks you could be wearing a Made To Measure suit from MySuit with reasonable and affordable price! Nothing can beat that!
Now you can make a appointment online at and you will be wearing a stunning custom fit suit at this festive season.