Saturday, October 18, 2008

Since 5th Oct... till now!

I left Malaysia at 5th Oct flying back to Texas. The return-trip was not exciting at all because I had a 5 hours wait in Seoul before I caught the connection flight to LA. What had I done in Seoul airport? Things were not that bad after I found out there is a nail bar at 2nd level. I fed myself with some simple Korean fried rice to kill an hour time in the cafe while I was waiting for the nail artist to be available.

The fried rice was just so so and I was not really have any appetite to be honest. I had a novel with me which I got from Malaysia and I was glad that I finally reading up something. I treated myself a manicure which the charging is about the same in the states but that sweet korean girl did a great job and I like her work.
After the tiring 24hrs plus travel back from Malaysia, I headed to Arizona with John after 2 days I touched down Dallas. Well, another 16hrs ROAD TRIP. This time, I managed to drive for 5 hours that LONG and John could get some sleep. Of course I got some yelling and scolding from him because of my careless driving skill --- ACCORDING him k!? Anyway, we arrived safely and 2 weeks we have to be here.
The first few days were totally mess for me. Not only the jetlag but the terrible homesick. I know, no reason to be homesick not like I don't get to go back anymore or what BUT this homesickness just kicked in invisibly and I was having another nervous breakdown. John is real busy at work and I just stayed in the hotel and dint feel like doing anything. There were 2 days that I slept like 12hrs straight the whole day and supprisingly I din't get any headache. Normally I will have a terrible headache when I oversleep.
Things get so much better after I whined, cried and talked to my freinds on phone, msn and Facebook. Thats life overall, you just can't get everything you want or make everything in the way you wish. There are always give and take! So, buck up and live my life!!! =) Anyway, I miss my parents and my brother! =)
I am so so soooo sick of the food here as I can't cook and there are no any Chinese food nearby. Maybe I should say, John and I are so reluctant to try out any chinese food here as we only heart our Uncle Lee. Another weird thing is, I am soo soo sooo craving for fish for no reason. Homesickness make me behave like a pregny?! I just want fish fish fish like 2 meals a day. Whats wrong with me?!
Luckily there are 3 cafes n restaurants nearby my hotel which I can go in alternative day to have my lunch or dinner. Sick sick sick of the food my dearie! I want some JASMINE RICE! I am typical asian who can't live without rice and soup. I must cook myself some comfy food when I get home.
I wanted to go to Zoo and the Art Museum badly but I din't get to move my ass there. I have a GPS and what is stopping me?! Well, Scottsdale seems like a very very rich city with bunch of old retired peoples. I already saw 2 BENTLEY around here and many others fancy cars as well. I just think I can't afford to wrack any of them. Anyway, I been watching a lot tv series on tv and my laptop to keep myself busy. But, like the old saying, there is no places like HOME. I want to go home badly. 4 more days... 4 more days...